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Here are a few Richelieu Maltese pictured in their loving homes.
Richelieu Maltese are  therapy dogs ,  AKC Show & Obedience Champions and cherished  lifelong members of the family!

Puppy Adoption information

       We do not breed a lot of litters  so each puppy is carefully planned because It is very important that  each of my  Maltese are placed in responsible life-time home.

   My Maltese puppies do not go to new homes until they are 12 weeks old . Our  Maltese are.small 4-6 pounds when mature, well socialized and make loving pets. which are not placed as breeding stock.  Email or call for Adoption fees  .  Females   by advance reservation  inquiry invited. 

I am a Breeder of Merit with the American Kennel Club  all my Maltese are  registered with the American Kennel Club only.

 We prefer to place our Maltese in loving   homes  as companions where  they will not be left alone all day.   Maltese   are  around 1.5 to 2.5 pounds at 12 weeks and are  not recommended for children under the age of 8.

 All of my puppies are out of my AKC Show Champions judged to be of the best quality at AKC Dog Shows events. Weighting 4.5 to 6.6 pounds. with outstanding personalities.
Proving to be not only healthy  but sound and long lived.

 All of our Maltese  will be health  checked by our Vet at 10 weeks old and  vaccinated  todate , have all preventive puppy  treatments before we offer them to new homes. Each Maltese puppy comes with our adoption agreement for , AKC  limited registrations papers, We provide a history for each puppies current vaccination, worming schedule,with a record of all  preventive puppy worming  treatments..and enrollment in puppy health insurance.  

We offer  a one year health guarantee against life threaten issues. 

We would prefer that all Maltese puppies are selected in person at  our home or at the airport.
                           No shipping - I  do not Air cargo my Maltese alone. 

 I will  help arrange  hand delivery at your expense anywhere in the world. 

We are one hour from all major Bay Area Airports..

We accept phone call 9-5 weekdays
Pacific time  
at 1 (925) 679-8676


Confused by Internet breeders with puppies for sale - 

Reputable  Maltese breeders  put the long term care of each puppies first  when selecting their new homes. They do not  offer to air cargo 8 week old puppies next day for the sale. 
AKC Champion parentage is a commitment by the breeder for improving each generation thru Dog Show competition. One champion  way back in a puppies pedigree  can not guarantee it's quality .  

Reputable breeders are responsible for every puppy they breed and will accept them back any time in their lives if not wanted for any reason.

Reputable breeders  use  registrations  from the American Kennel Club only.  and will abide by a code of  breeding ethics.   There is a difference puppies are a lifetime investment.   Buyer beware .

The latest  July Up-date

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 I  will soon have   I have a darling  male and female puppy available soon from our  AKC Champion parents. Smaller and adorable - very spunky and well on their way to being potty  trained.  They are show type -  very white and expected to  be 4.- 4. 5. pounds. perfect pampering  size.. 
. They will  be available    in   August 2017  to select homes  after Vet checks and  vaccinations at 12-16 weeks old  .. 

Please contact me by e mail if you think you  are ready for just such a puppy. I would appreciate knowing who you are,where you are located , your prior Maltese History and who the day time care giver would be for a new puppy. I do not ship puppies alone you must come in person to pick up a puppy.
Because these two are going to be on the small end of the Maltese Standard in size I am looking for experienced homes with no smaller children for them.​


Finding the perfect puppy and matching it up  with the  right home is very important  and well planned process  . To reserve   one of my Maltese puppies please contact me well in advance ,
 Each litter is carefully planned  all parents are certified healthy and have no known health issues. 
Well bred quality Maltese litters are often small  litters 1-3 puppies.  
Each puppy  is carefully bred, born and raised  in our home with a  great deal of  commitment  to  its health - all early  socialization and puppy  training. is done daily by me. We  expect this same level of commitment   to be continued by  prospective new owner

 A non refundable  $350 deposit  once my puppies have been see by our Vet and given a first vaccination  will guarantee placement and  insure  you a quality Richelieu Maltese Puppy. 

Richelieu Maltese - Northern California